City-Hydroponics’ approach is to integrate hydroponic systems into environments that do not require the classic land acquisition for crop growth. Vacant buildings in urban environments, warehouses, idle industrial buildings, schools, factories and even greenhouses can be used to grow crops with hydroponics. The use of non-traditional environments, as opposed to farms that require acres and acres of land, and are susceptible to pollution offers many benefits in the form of more efficient use of space, controlled environments reducing the impact of weather, contaminants, and other uncontrollable variables, production of more organic pesticide free green crops, all resulting in crops that are more abundant and safer for consumption. The beauty of this type of system is that it is an actual ecological system within an unnatural or artificial environment.


Each of these elements also lends itself to embody the principles of both elegance and sustainable practice together, they represent a unique combination of uses which complement each other and functions to create a unique business model and focal point for community activities, economic development, entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable design. 


We offer consulting services to our clients, prospective business owners and start-ups in urban farming,on viable options, key solutions and best practices.


We develop each project from the ground up, while putting into consideration, our client's interests, capacity, specifications and budjet, regardless of location or complexity.


We support growing op[erations by providing them with materials and services that they need to remain productive even as technology advances.


We support our clients in the urban farming sector, by offering advisory servioces on vending their farm produce and pushing them into the market.

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