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"​In North America, 95 percent of greenhouse vegetables are grown hydroponically and the monetary value of produced vegetables is over $2.4 billion dollars today and increasing at a rate of 10% annually.”

                                                                                                                   (Hydroponic Merchants Association (HMA), Sept. 2011)


​This Hydroponic farming success can be yours with the purchase of one of City-Hydroponics’ proprietary systems. We offer systems in various sizes tailored to your particular needs.

Our concept encompasses all the elements necessary to foster employment and education in the industry of hydroponics, promote healthy living and provide new business opportunities to small start-up companies.
We offer the newest and most innovative hydroponic system in the market. Become a client and start growing your own farming business or grow great tasting, great looking and healthy fresh food!




Delivering comprehensive and expert design, implementation,  management and maintenance services specifically for the controlled environment agriculture industry.


Developing proprietary technologies

and systems that improve the performance, accessibility and economics of controlled environment agriculture.

Urban Farming

Increased crop production capacity closer to consumer populations, right within an urban setting.

Sustainable Design

An integrated system of plant production practices having a site-specific application, that will last over the long term.

Our Kids' Education Program

We partner with Schools to provide avenues for exhibitions and excursions for the students. The kids will combine learning with hands-on experiences and practice. They will primarily be provided with a closer look at crop production through the use of highly resourceful hydroponic systems. Exhibits include crop produce such as Basil, Kale, Parsely, Bok Choy etc.

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